rocks are good but bring me a cup

mariah, 'sup!!
i like to hurt aka you'll find me cheering for the bruins, penguins, and stars
<3333 jonathan toews & kaner boo <3333

me & the boo cheering on the boos ⭐


i’m only a man in a funny red sheet,
digging for kryptonite in this one way street,
only a man in a funny red sheet,
looking for special things inside of me.


April 17, 2014: At morning skate, when Andrew Shaw accidentally hits Jonathan Toews’ hand with his stick, they agree to let bygones be bygones by letting Toews hit him back

"If you could be the child of anyone on the pens who would it be and why?" —Anonymous

i’d rather be the mother of their child tbh but mario because he’s le magnifique and i like the sound of mariah lemieux, otherwise flower or geno because they’re like big kids and how fun would they be as dads??